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Bean Seeds

We wondered whether bean seeds would grow upside down if they were planted the wrong way up. We decided to try it and see what happened. 

Bean Seeds -January 2019

We visited the Weir Gardens in Hereford. We learned how to build fires and used tools safely to whittle sticks to toast marshmallows on. 

Weir Gardens -January 2019

Friday Afternoon Projects

Designing and building models. 

Friday Afternoon Projects - November 2018


Learning how to balance using different parts of our body.

PE -November 2018

Class Assembly

We shared our learning with the whole school and spoke confidently to a large audience which included our parents. We invited our parents to come and visit our classroom and shared our work proudly.

Class Assembly - October 2108

Hedgehog Conservation.

We were lucky to receive a special visit from an expert on hedgehog conservation. She taught us how to help hedgehogs to stay safe in the wild and how to make our gardens more hedgehog friendly.

Hedgehog Conservation - October 2018

Forest School

We are enjoying exploring our forest school site at school. We have learned about the different animals that live in our school environment and have loved learning about the different tracks that animals make.

Forest School - September 2018

Small Breeds Farm September 2018

We visited the Small Breeds Farm in Kington to learn about the different animals. We loved being able to get close to all the animals there and were lucky enough to play with the goats and stroke the owls. We learned so much and had a fabulous day!

Small Breeds Farm - September 2018