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Autumn Term 2015 Research - 'Mix it, Mash it, Make it'.

Autumn Term Planning

Experiencing how to make pizza at Pizza Hut.

Travelling on the School Mini Bus.
Choosing the toppings for our pizzas.
Spraying the oil on to the tin.
Stretching and shaping our pizza bases.
Spreading the tomato sauce on to the base.
Adding the toppings.
Operating the drinks machine.
Constructing the 'Pizza Boxes'.
Having pride in what we have accomplished.
Saying thank you and goodbye to Mark and Neil.

Baking Bread.

Exploring what happens when we mix colour.

Investigating what happens when we mix corn flour, powder paint and water!

High levels of engagement

Creating Pattern

This half term our Pre-school has been like Father Christmas' work shop. Look at how busy we have been!!