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Curriculum and theme updates

For summer term our theme is - UNDER ANY STONE...

Y3 have made a great start to this theme and are already researching how we can protect and look after our environment through animal conservation and how to be more ‘Eco’. They will explore how different parts of the world have been destroyed by man and how we can preserve areas such as rainforests. They will explores climate change and the effects this has on nature. The children will research similarities and differences between locations of endangered species; and investigate how the weather affects our eco-system.


For mathematics they will look for signs of maths in the environment; exploring shape, number and pattern spotting. They will measure objects in the environment such as tree trunks to find out what this may tell us and create repeating patterns with natural objects in forest school. They will also explore how Fibonacci sequence appears in nature.


For history the children will compare the same location but from different time periods and research and record the biography of famous explorers, find out what inspired them and why? Y3 have already started investigating more about the culture Japan and explore the differences of the landscape compared to the UK and they will recap the Japanese words for animals and apply these in to simple conversations.


For literacy, the children will compose diary entries exploring different countries, from the perspective of the explorer, and write instructions of how to survive in a deserted land/ forest/ desert or jungle. They will create ‘Nature Haiku’s’ inspired by the time of year and compose our own fable inspired by Aesop’s fables. They are already researching different habitats and eco-systems to create a non-fiction information text.


The class will look at landscape artwork and natural phenomena art, and use this as inspiration to create their own. They will create camouflage art, look at the purpose of camouflage and why it is so important. They have collected tree and leaf rubbings using different mediums and explored the patterns made and how difference varieties of trees can make a different pattern.


In music they will explore the jungle drums and how this native music is used in different cultures,

Learn and perform ‘The Lions Sleep Tonight’, focus on the layering of our voices to create different pitches.


Y3 will become scientists to examine x-rays of humans and animal skeletons to find our their purpose and how they are different. They will explore how our bodies move and find out if longer legs jump further! The children will record their findings in different ways such as scatter graphs, tables and bar charts.


Great start to this fascinating theme, well done Y3!