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Curriculum themes and updates


This exciting theme has got off to a great start. The children are reading the BFG and George’s Marvellous Medicine to inspire their writing and have already written instructions for making their own potions. They used their instructions to write a poem about what to include in their potion and have written a persuasive piece of writing to convince a wizard to stock their own potion. They have written an explanation text about the water cycle. After half term they plan to use dreams as a further stimulus for their writing including a non – chronological report on a dream and a haiku about dreams.


Later, the children will get creative with their theme and make a pop explosion art and paint explosions. They plan to make a rocket, create a volcano of paper mache and make some delicious cupcakes with popping candy.


As scientists the children will look at nutrition, transportation of water and nutrients in the body, and the muscle and skeleton system of both humans and animals. They will also look at the digestive system in humans and teeth and what they are designed to do. The children have looked at solids, liquids and gases and how evaporation and condensation are linked to the water cycle.


Y4 will look a sound and light sources. For sound, they will research vibration, volume and pitch. For light they will explores seeing, reflections and shadows and explain how light appears to travel in straight lines.


During maths the children will link their potions and creations to capacity. They will solve reasoning problems around the four major operations and create a times table potion. They solved maths problems using wizard money and solved conversion and shopping problems and handled data using a candy board game.


Y4 will research physical geography, including rivers, mountains, volcanoes, earthquakes and the water cycle and look at the work of the Water Aid charity


In PE the children will look at the accuracy of ball control, a range of throwing techniques and test their resilience when plans do not work.


Their research into history will include placing historical events of natural disasters on a timeline and describing an account on the events at Pompeii. They will also look at a brief history of medicines and potions from different eras.


In music they will create homemade music shakers and create sounds linked to magic spells and potions.