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Curriculum updates

Summer term theme is WHERE IN THE WORLD ARE WE?

Reception Class have been very busy indeed with this inspirational theme. They have been exploring the difference between countries including climate, terrain, weather, position in the world, currency, language, culture population, building, traditions and religions. They have started to discover how the world has changed over time and investigated maps in relation to rivers, seas, oceans, mountains, countries and continents. They will also share their language skills with the other year groups at school.


They have also started to investigate different modes of travel, how people travel around in their own countries and the quickest way to travel between countries. They visited Staverton Airport in Gloucester and saw at first hand, how airports operate, how passengers and luggage are processed and the systems in place to keep us all safe both in the air and on the ground.


The children have created stories using information we have gathered about different countries and the exciting ways of travelling there. They have designed buildings such as palaces and castles based on the country they have visited and what they have learnt about them. They have also started to design clothing for historical figures and members of the monarchy.


The children are developing lots of different styles of writing; fact files, letters, diary entries, stories, lists poems, rhyme riddles and reports. They are very busy practising writing complete sentences, using capital letters, finger spaces and punctuation. They are also sharing their work in school and on the class page of the school website. They are very busy readers too and are recognising and reading some very tricky words from memory and have each been sharing their favourite books and stories with the class.


For maths, the children have used different countries to investigate and learn about time, currency and the value of coins and also architectural shapes and angles linked to buildings they have researched.


Great theme YR, you have worked really hard, well done!