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The children have been developing their imagination for writing and further developing correct sentence structure. They have been very busy working on traditional tales and using them to develop new ideas. The Three Little Pigs have been accused of 'disposing of' the Big Bad Wolf and the children have been writing witness statements and then collecting evidence in order to either defend or prosecute the accused.


In Maths, the children are reinforcing the basics of number with addition and subtraction (some chi lden have also been learning to partition larger numbers for addition). Counting forwards and backwards in 5s, 10s and 2s then extending the children to practise ones they can do (3s and 4s next). The children are also learning about time within the context of our school day and are looking at problem solving and reasoning with practical written problems using addition and subtraction.


The children have been to our forest school site every week and have been using the site to inspire their writing of settings related to traditional tales. They have also been exploring using natural materials (mud, grass, charcoal, and wood, bark) to draw by testing ideas in their art journals with the final piece being completed on canvas. They have also been lucky enough to have Tim from 'Teaching Trees' helping the class to discover the Eco system and bug life in the woods.


A fabulous curriculum visit to Puzzle Wood is planned for June. This will be a visit to inspire our writing and story ideas.


The class have thoroughly engaged with construction! The children have been undertaking a challenge in teams to build a wall in the sandpit using all of the bricks, making sure it is stable and it has to be the height of a child! They have taken to the challenge really well. They have also been working with Mr Richards and Year 6 in small groups on a Thursday afternoon helping to build pallet wood furniture for the Year 6 Legacy project. Year 1 will then have responsibility for managing it as Year 6 will leave for high school.


Children need to read for 10 minutes every night and also talk about the story and characters. An adult can also read to them to model reading strategies, intonation and pace. We want lots of 40,80,160 reads and someone to reach 200 before the end of the school year.


The children can write their own versions of traditional tales and try to develop clever twists. They need to practise writing in sentences using full stops and capital letters correctly as well as forming their letters properly and remembering letter sizes and finger spaces.


Well done Year 1 for your fabulous work so far this term!

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