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Curriculum updates

Summer term our theme is BLOOMING MARVELLOUS!

Year 2 have really engaged with this exciting theme. The class have germinated seeds and are planning to grow lots and lots! They have developed a garden plot in school and are growing plants at different localities. Their visits to the Weir Gardens have been really successful and they have helped cultivate garden beds and have learned about horticulture, plants, trees and habitats.


They have been reading information books and looked at the history behind gardens and plants. They have gathered lots of data about plants and famous people associated with plant species and garden design and have already research lots about Charles Darwin and Thomas Capability Brown. They will use their fact files to help design their own gardens and design some fabulous new seed packets, then also plan to give us a brilliant PowerPoint presentation to showcase their work.


The class have been reading stories and writing their own adventure stories. They have also written some really good character profiles and are continuing to write lots of letters. They have made some leaf sketches and are pressing flowers and using lights sensitive paper. They will also create some William Morris inspired prints.


They have some fantastic visitors lined up to come along and share their expertise with Y2 in school and will so be able to give us all some top tips in how to grow plants from around the world.


Y2 have high expectations of this theme and plan some amazing work this term!