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Curriculum updates

Summer term theme is ANCIENT EGYPT

For this fabulous theme Year 5 have already started researching aspects of Egyptian life and will use i-movie, animation techniques and green-screening to make a short film. They are writing newspaper reports about discovering Egyptian tombs and letters and diaries imagining daily life in Ancient Egypt. They will report on their investigations into artefacts and mummification at Birmingham Museum and re-tell the stories of the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. They also plan to write poetry inspired by Egyptian scenery and stories and have an exiting visit to Hay planned where they will learn some top tips from authors.


For maths Y5 will investigate and make pyramids and other 3D shapes, using nets and mathematical formulae. They will calculate, using Egyptian methods of multiplication and our own knowledge of times tables. The children will measure and learn about ratio and proportion to make models of Egyptian structures and collect and present data about the growth of their herb plants.


They have already started making a close study of the history of Ancient Egypt, including its impact on our lives today and have studied the lives of the Ancient Egyptians, including royalty, citizens, food, agriculture, work, communication, warfare, customs and settlements. They have also compare dour geography to that of Egypt, focusing on the River Nile, features of deserts and climate and they plan to expand their geographical knowledge of the hemispheres, tropics, continents and poles so that they can piece together how our world is made up.


Y5 will consolidate vocabulary and structures in Japanese so that we can ask questions, express ourselves and understand more complex sentences and learn to write some basic words in Japanese hiragana and kanji;. They will also further their understanding of Japanese culture by creating, learning and performing a play based on a traditional tale.


Y5 children will further their understanding of Christian values and other world religions, focusing on Islam. y will debate and discuss world news topics and ethical questions that have no universally agreed answers, using First News (a weekly newspaper designed for children) to help us keep up-to-date. Of course, the children will continue their focus on politics from the Autumn term, using their knowledge to follow the general election on June 8th.


Y5 art work is really impressive! The children have created amazing self-portraits using photographs and Egyptian embellishments in mixed media and have used clay to make Egyptian artefacts. The class aim to make a shadow clock inspired by original Egyptian versions. They will also make cartouches using hieroglyphics and link design with science in their work on pulleys and levers.


Great theme Year 5, well done for all your hard work.