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Curriculum updates and themes

Farm to Fork

The children very much enjoyed designing their own summer-term theme called ‘Farm to Fork’ and have many questions they would like to find answers to, including 'Is organic food better for your health?'. We will initially look at food production, packaging and distribution and will also learn about dietary needs. To support and inform their learning, the children will visit local farms, dairies and food-related businesses including Pizza Express and Asda.

The children are keen to learn more about food from around the world and hope to celebrate their learning by holding an international food festival towards the end of term. For more details, please see the attached planning web.

Through The Telescope

Our theme this term will involve us looking closely at Space. To do this we, will explore the history of space exploration, its current status and where we may be headed in the future.


In the third week of term, the children will take a tour through the Milky Way galaxy in a visiting planetarium. This scientist led session will enable the children to ask and have answered many of their questions about black holes and the space-time continuum!


Then after half term, we will travel to Think Tank, Birmingham. This all-day visit will enable the children to take part in valuable workshops; one where they will plan a space mission followed by a practical outdoor session that will see them design, build and launch their own rockets!

See our curriculum map (learning guidance) for more information about the learning opportunities we will have this term.