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Year 1 Themes
Summer Term - 'Everything is Awesome'
Our theme this term will be all about LEGO AND building/s. In this theme we are going to start by looking into the history of LEGO, how LEGO is made and how toys like LEGO have changed over time. We will be using LEGO to inspire our own writing and to develop our ICT skills and look at how we use LEGO to build and inspire our imagination. Next, we will then look into buildings. We want to find out how buildings have changed over time and what materials have been used. We would like to find out more about how structures such as houses and bridges are built and learn more about the role of an architecture and builder. 
Autumn Term -  'Not all heroes wear capes!'

Class 1 have an exciting year ahead, with the Autumn term kicking off with our superheroes theme called ‘Not All Heroes Wear Capes.’ Our theme will be focusing on real superheroes who help us in the local and wider community including; the police, the ambulance service, the RLNI and the fire service. We will also be looking at fictional heroes and using this to inspire our creative writing. Please see our theme curriculum web to see what else we will be up to this term.

Spring Term  - 'Into The Wild'
This term Year one will be looking at the country of Africa with a focus on animals. We will look at where in the world Africa is and look at the continents, seas an oceans around the world. We will be finding out about different African animals as well as look closely at those animals that are endangered. We will be looking at a range of story books based on African animals as well as look at a range of traditional African tales. 
Curriculum Theme Planning
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