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Experimenting and testing

Junk modelling to make our own vehicles

Transparent and opaque

Exploring the water wall

Exploring our new Forest School site

Creating a rain cloud

Investigating objects that absorb water

Exploring 3D shape

Skittles experiment (filmed by Tomas)

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We used: warm water, skittles and a plate. The children created a pattern using the skittles and we poured water over the skittles that were placed around the edge of the plate. We watched carefully to see how the skittles would change. We were surprised at how quickly we could see the change!

Skittles experiment (filmed by Luke)

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We conducted a skittles experiment as a class. The children predicted what was going to happen and we filmed the outcome. This video was filmed by Luke using the 'timelapse' mode on the Ipad to show what happened at a quicker speed.

Subtracting with skittles

Exploring measure

Floating and sinking

Making vegetable soup

Visiting Mrs Baker's farm to celebrate Harvest

Making porridge for the Three Bears

Year 6 reading partners

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Painting Autumn leaves using cotton buds

Building where we'd like to go in our wellies...

Exploring at Forest School