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Potions, explosions and dreams

On Wednesday 16th November Class 4 were lucky enough to have an engineer come and visit the class. While he was here he went through what he does for KGD Engineering based in Hereford, including bring in technical drawings from different perspectives, a computer aided drawing and even part of the product itself. He even shared a photo where the machinery was near an oil rig in Australia. Andrew also brought an electric motor car for the children to build, through working together and following the instructions. In addition, he also demonstrated a salt water powered car, which runs entirely on drops of salt and water! A fantastic learning opportunity for the children. Thank you Andrew. 

At the beginning of November Class 4 were lucky enough to visit the Hereford Society of Model Engineers at Broomy Hill. The children loved the experience of seeing the wood, metal and welding workshops that are used to make the model trains and even boats! They got to see first hand how a steam engine works through watching a working model.


We were also lucky enough to look at carriages that are being maintained and some volunteers working on models. Finally, the children were able to sit in the station and wait for a ride on one of the trains. The volunteers were fantastic and very knowledgeable. A thoroughly inspiring curriculum visit.