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Spring 2016 Research 'Lights, Camera, Action!'

'Lights, Camera, Action!'

Being Detectives.

Our Imagination station has a Police Station.
We have explored different lights and signs.
Looked at different emergency vehicles.
Who has lost their bag?!
We became detectives!
We photographed the bag.
Drew the bag and made posters.
Examined the contents for clues!
"A glasses case so they must wear glasses"
"Tickets because they like to go to the theatre."
"Or travel on the train."
"It must be a lady because I found lipstick.
Paintings of what the person might  look like!
We found a key ring with a car registration on.
We then searched for the car.
"I think that black Volkswagen over there  is it"
We then began to interview our suspects!
"Do you like to wear lipstick?"
Do you like to go to the theatre?"
"Do you drive a black car?"
We used our check lists to narrow down the list!
We found our mystery lady. Thank you Mrs Johnson!

We enjoyed a visit from our local Community Support Officers.