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Spring Term 2017. 'A Spring in Our Step'

We have been recording our learning on the iPad.
We explored shape and pattern outdoors.
We extended this by creating representations.
We discovered spiderwebs on the gate
and in the play house!
We observed changes in our environment
and took lots of photographs each week.
Everything grew!
We were so excited to see what had changed!
We even caught some snow!
We used wooden blocks to measure the growth.
Exploring the weather
Investigating the snow.
Tasting the snow!
We weaved nests for our owls.
Explored the different birds on our display.
We have been sharing stories about spring time.
We rescued a worm!
We returned him to his home.
We then read the story about Super Worm!
Working together to create animal shelters.
Our indoor owl challenge in gym!
We enjoyed our visit to the Owl Sanctuary.