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Summer Term 2016. 'Once Upon a Time'

Developing story language through role playing 'Goldilocks', Red Riding Hood the 'Three Little Pigs' in our 'Fairy Tale Cottage'.

Testing our ideas as we constructed homes for the 'Three Little Pigs'.

Measuring the three bears and recording our findings.

Teddy Bear Adventure

Creating bear masks at Madley Environmental Centre
We're going on a bear hunt!
Checking our clues to find the bears.
Look what we found!
We enjoyed our bear cakes!
Then we had a visitor!
who told us about a little girl called Goldilocks!
Little bear's house!
We enjoyed a picnic.
We then made dens for our bears!

Researching stories written by Julia Donaldson.

We enjoyed a Tiddler performance and read the book
We read the story 'Paper-dolls'.
We then created our own adventure story.
Then practised our patterns on paper fish.
We engaged in fine motor experiences.
We read 'A Squash and a Squeeze'.
We designed our own paper-dolls.
We were then challenged to create enclosures.
Look how many animals we squeezed in!
We worked together, helping each other.
Enclosures were on a large and small scale.
We used tweezers to feed the animals.
Exploring snake skins after reading the 'Gruffalo'
Acting out and dressing up as the 'Gruffalo'!