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About Us

As a Year 6 child said 'on the outside we look the same as everyone else but inside we are extraordinary !'

Our aims are to develop and embed :

- a love of learning.
- a desire and enthusiasm to 'be the best we can be'.
- an understanding of a range of values.
- a desire to explore, to understand, to share.
- a desire to succeed in all we do.
- good manners and a kind heart.
- teamwork and good communication skills.
- an understanding of the World in which we live.
- a love of music, culture and sport.

We will achieve this through :
- excellent teaching and learning.
- a commitment from the whole community to educate and embed a life long love of learning.
- openness and honesty.
- strong links with parents and families.
- strong links with businesses.
- a commitment to sport and music.

We have the ambitious aim of being 'the best school in Britain' for all of the fantastic children who are educated at Madley Primary School.