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Autumn Term 1 Mini Beasts and me

Exploring and bug hunting.

We have had great fun on our bug hunts, lifting logs and using our magnifying glasses, we have enjoyed looking closely at different bugs. We have discussed where the bugs live and what they may eat. Back inside we have created our own bugs in different forms and made bug homes to keep bugs warm and protected.

We have enjoyed an array of stories and songs and love to use puppets too.

We have enjoyed walking around the village finding bug homes and searching trees, and around the pond for different bugs.

We went searching for woodlice. We looked under stones, logs and leaves and found lots in our log circle. We carefully collected some to look at in closer detail. We researched woodlice on the computer and discovered that woodlice have 14 legs, they eat wood and they like to be in dark places. So we carefully returned our woodlice to the wild and set about creating our own. We worked together to build a large woodlouse using large loose parts and used clay and sticks to create smaller woodlice.