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Curriculum updates and themes

"Been Around the World" - Summer 2024

As part of this geography skills theme the children will learn about migration and the reasons why people move around the world. They will identify the different "push" and "pull" factors and will also spend some time discussing the plight of refugees. The theme then moves its focus to Hong Kong: the physical and human features; how the country has adapted to the challenges of its environment; its role as a major trade centre; and the work being carried out to preserve the natural environment.  The children will also look at conservation work being carried out in other countries and will compare and discuss the different strategies and importance of preservation versus conservation.

"Wars of the World" -  Summer Term

This six-week theme looks at conflicts past and present and explores the root causes of war and the impact these have had throughout history. Whilst other conflicts are discussed, the main focus of the unit is on the two World Wars and how life changed during these times. The children will consider how the lasting impact of the First World War ultimately led to World War 2 and will  look at the displacement of refugees, which links in with their next theme on migration. The unit also explores the role of the United Nations and the importance of peace.

 "Go With The Flow" - Spring 2023/Summer 2024

This short, science based theme will give the children the opportunity to think about their bodies, in terms of their organs, especially their circulatory system. They will look at how the heart works and also consider what they need to do to keep healthy. We have arranged for a representative form West Mercia Police to come in to school, in the Summer Term, to discuss the affects of drugs and alcohol on the body, which also forms part of this theme.


"True Crime - The Trial of the Pendle Witches " Spring 2024

This theme focuses on  researching and examining historical records in relation to the trials of witches in the 17th century. The children will also think about how stereotypes are created through the media and how we are influenced by the information available to us. 


"Global Warning" Spring 2024

This seven week, geography based theme will explore what humans are doing which is impacting on the future of our planet. The theme will involve a visit to a recycling centre and research regarding how we improve sustainability both as individuals and organisations.


A World of Bright Ideas - Autumn Term 2023


Our first theme of the year focuses on the creative process of invention and design throughout history.

Within the theme,  we will look at important inventions and inventors over time, before moving on to learning about the idea of "Intellectual Property", such as patenting and copyright. The children will also have the opportunity to actively engage in the design and making process as they look at the steps involved in generating a concept to producing a commercially viable product in the name of “Enterprise”.

Enterprise will continue to underpin our work throughout Year 6 and the class will have the chance to meet several local business professionals over the next few months as well as visit different businesses.

As part of our “A World of Bright Ideas”, we will also be developing the children’s understanding of electricity; how it has transformed our lives; how circuits are adapted and changed; and how we are adapting to more sustainable production of electrical power.