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Our Values

Threaded through and underpinning our everyday experiences are our values. Children are encouraged to become independent through taking their own shoes and coats on and off, pouring their own drinks, preparing snack and tidying up. Children are expected to take responsibility for their environment through tidying, putting lids on pens, putting away boots and hanging up coats. Through undertaking these expectations they are demonstrating their respect for their environment and themselves. The value of co-operation, tolerance and unity are encouraged through their play as well as joining in with our routine and expectations. Simplicity is modelled through opportunities for children to explore their creativity with natural resources from the environment. Through our everyday routines the children are encouraged to care for and mutually respect each other. This is particularly evident when an older child supports a younger child with the routine, when hurt or when needing assistance to achieve a self-driven goal. Happiness is created through children feeling safe, secure and able to trust the adults around them. This supports a child to become engaged in the experiences and resources offered to support them to become motivated learners. To develop these values it is essential that children are encouraged with the same experiences at home. To celebrate your child undertaking such experiences we would like to invite you to bring a photo or write a message in our Value’s Book so they can share their achievement with the group.