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Becca Preece

Pre-School Manager

01981 251460

Welcome to our Pre-School page, we are a term time only setting located in the grounds of Madley Primary School.  Our mission is to provide a purposeful, calm and respectful setting that allows each child to express themselves and engage with their learning  in a safe and healthy environment. Our children enjoy exploring our beautiful building learning through play and trying out new things. We explore at Forest School each week and enjoy creating in our mud kitchen each day. We also enjoy weekly visits to our elderly residents at Charnwood Residential home. We are very proud to share with you we have been awarded our Values Award by Dr Neil Hawkes celebrating how we work to promote Values with children and adults around us. Neil wrote in his report.." A special word about Madley Pre-School. This has been refurbished since our last visit and we witnessed an outstanding learning environment where the pupils are lovingly and skilfully supported in their learning activities. The Pre-School is well led and supported by a dedicated group of adults. The Pre-School reminded us of a number of outstanding Pre-Schools that we have seen in Scandinavian countries".  Not many Early Years settings have achieved this prestigious award, we are one of only a few in the country...something to celebrate. Please call in and see us or call on 01981251460. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone from 1st of September. We will have more up to date information for you towards the end of August, 

Please enjoy our photos of our lovely setting.

Our lovely setting. We look forward to welcoming you back from 1st September 2020.

Our September Routine.


Still image for this video

A video to show you how you will be entering Pre-School in September. (video to follow)

Enter through our playground gates, stand on a socially distanced spot, make your way to the door one family at a time, say goodbye to your child, they will be responsible for their belongings, we will help the younger children, lunch boxes and rink on the trolley, indoor shoes on and off to wash hands and self register. It will take a short time and this will become a natural part of our morning routine. Thank you.

We said a fond farewell to our children leaving for their next adventures in school.

We are enjoying exploring Autumn and our local community alongside finding and learning more about bugs and mini beasts. 
We have enjoyed walks around the village, visiting the park, the conker trees, our own homes and the church. We have stopped and chatted to residents and dog walkers, sharing our news and adventures. 

We have collectd leaves and made leaf towers, created in the mud kitchen and taken risks climbing and jumping off our large construction materials in the natural bark garden. 

We have made cup cakes, autumn soup and flap jacks, built dens and marmalade machines, we have listened to stories and created songs. 

We are learning our phonics and exploring number as we play. 

Every day we make playdough adding spices and colour to create a multi sensory experience. 

Lots of fun and learning. 


Our new outdoor area completed by Justin Jones Landscapes & Gardens @ Madley Pre-School

BMore Media has produced a video of the renovation of an unused space at Madley Pre-School. All work in the video was completed by Justin Jones Landscapes & ...

"Where happy children learn."

Petit Pois Stay and Play Cafe. We all enjoyed a craft morning with The Creation Station at Petit Pois.

We have enjoyed our forest school sessions this week in our new waterproof sets. We have watched the fire being lit and toasted our own marshmallows.

Activities with the residents at Charnwood Nursing home. We are enjoying learning more about the 'old peoples' needs. We must speak very loudly so everyone can hear us.

Working closely with Charnwood Nursing Home for the Elderly.

We are lucky enough to have created a wonderful partnership with Charnwood Country Residential Home for the elderly. Every other week we will visit the residents and share songs, stories and happy times. 
We have had a variety of Christmas celebrations and enjoyed singing our songs and listening to The Nativity Story.

We all enjoyed our Forest School morning. We sat around the fire, we listened to the birds and watched the 'orange flames dance.' Forest School is an important part of Pre-School and we have many opportunities to offer the children. We believe children have the right to be understood as individuals and to be given time and opportunity to develop as creative, competent learners in a secure and inspiring space, with lots of access to the outdoors. We feel that Forest School helps to support such learning. We look at theories and continual lines of enquiry that help us as adults to develop each child as an individual. We will visit Forest School every Monday and hope to toast marshmallows very soon.

We have focused on physical play this week and are enjoying observing what the children can do and what we can do to support their development.We have provided parents with ideas to use at home to support physical play and are looking forward to hearing how children have been getting on.

We are very lucky to use the village hall each week. We walk across and use our soft mats to create gym time. Children climb, under,over, on and through and enjoy having a large space to run around in. We use a smaller room to be creative with our music and movement. Using musical instruments and enjoying the opportunity to build a repertoire of songs and experiment with making music.

We enjoyed exploring poppies and why they so important at this time of year.

Fireworks and exciting words. We have enjoyed recalling our favourite memories of fireworks night. We listented to each others stories and how different the fireworks sounded. Some of us were a little bit scared. We then all sat together to draw our fireworks, "mine were very loud" recalled Ethan.

Remembering others and looking closely at poppies.

Displaying the Value of Care. "We can't go on holiday until everyone is in the boat". "We are a team"

Determination and 'having a go'. When bricks fall down we don't give up, we keep building...we can do it! Balancing is sometimes tricky, but we concentrate and keep going. If we fall we get back up and have another go.