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The School Day


The school is open for 6.5 hours a day and 32.5 hours a week.


School opens at 0900hrs and children start to arrive at 0850hrs

School closes at 1530hrs

As a Year 6 child said 'on the outside we look the same as everyone else but inside we are extraordinary !'

Our aims are to develop and embed :
  • to foster each child's intellectual, spiritual, emotional, moral, physical and social development.
  • to develop the ability to live, work and share with others.
  • to help each child learn how to learn and increase their self-knowledge.
  • to help each child enjoy his or her school work and to find satisfaction and a sense of achievement in it.
  • to enable each child to realise his or her potential through the development of the necessary skills, concepts and knowledge.
  • to develop learning skills including the ability to reason and analyse, generate ideas and carry them through, solve problems, set goals and work towards them, evaluate and deal with evidence, make and test hypotheses.
  • to foster independence and responsibility that will lead to ability to cope with adult life as parents, workers and citizens.
  • to provide a caring, friendly environment with an emphasis on mutual respect, within which all children will be encouraged to develop their individual talents and be given every opportunity to achieve success.
  • to develop in children a positive attitude towards education as a continuing process.
  • to prepare children for the demands of a rapidly changing society.
  • to develop an atmosphere within which everyone is equally valued and respected.
  • to provide a framework of meaning for life and a code of values.

We achieve this through :
- excellent teaching leading to excellence in learning.
- a commitment from the whole community to educate and embed a life long love of learning.
- openness and honesty.
- strong links with parents, families and external practitioners.
- mutually rewarding links with local businesses and business leaders.
- a commitment to sport, music and creative arts.

We have the ambitious aim of being 'the best school in Britain' for all of the fantastic children who are educated at Madley Primary School.