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In Science, Year 6 have been observing the changes that occur when a solid and a liquid are mixed together. We also looked at the results to determine whether the processes were reversible or irreversible.

Recent visits to Forest School off-site

Visiting the Nomadic Natural History Museum

As historians, the children have been looking at how scientists first started to create and use electricity and how this affected society at the time. For their homework, the children then completed projects on a technological advancement or invention of their choice from any time between 1750 and 1920.


There was a wide variety of choices from the introduction of the first steam engine, to the first airplanes and even the very first hot irons for hair and the introduction of the bag. Some of the work was presented as a powerpoint, some as handwritten information and even some with wonderful 3d models. 


The children then had the opportunity to read each other's work and to vote on the one which they thought the person had put the most work into. It was an excellent opportunity for the children to show what they can complete independently and also gave them a chance to find out about something they may not have known about before.

History Homework Projects

During recent Year 6 Forest School sessions, we have been investigating the diversity of invertebrates present on the school site. We moved on to drawing maps of the area and using a key to identify low, medium and high diversity areas.  Also, we have been researching how living things are classified by observable characteristics.


Following Mr Batstone's link that he shared from Twitter, to create a nature picture using 100 leaves, Edison Group decided to make a worm.


We spotted an unusual wasp hidden in the ivy leaves, and after a bit of research, discovered it was a male 'parasitic wasp'.



Science investigation: Which materials conduct electricity?

Y6 Enterprise visit to Allensmore Nursery

Y6 Enterprise visit to Haygrove Community Gardens

Paddle-boarding at Longtown

High ropes course at Longtown



Year 6 conducted their first 'virtual interview'.   Sadly, this year they will be unable to visit 

such a variety of businesses but they will conduct some of them online instead.  Using Zoom gave the children the opportunity to see at first hand how businesses are communicating with their teams and suppliers during these difficult times.


They spoke to Hannah Johnson about the running of her eco-friendly business 'Mojo', which is an online business  selling pre-loved children's clothes. 


The technology worked well and the children really enjoyed the experience.  Check out the photos!