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The word democracy means “rule by the people.” It comes from the Ancient Greek words demos (“people”) andkratos (“rule”).  It is a fundamental British value, through which we acknowledge that everyone is entitled to contribute to how our country is run.


The principles of democracy are embedded in our school’s values:


We respect our children’s individuality, encourage creativity and support every child to make the most of their abilities.


At Madley Primary School, Pupil Leadership is actively encouraged. During their time at school, all our children have the opportunity to stand for a wide range of leadership opportunities, including representing their class as an Eco-Rep, as sports coaches, as school ambassadors and as mentors.  Through these roles they learn to listen to, and respect, the views of others, and that leadership is both a privilege, and a responsibility.


We want our pupils to leave our school as a well educated, self confident and caring member of  society.


At Madley School, pupils learn about democracy and value the democratic process, and come to understand that this is the way our country is governed.   They know that their voice is heard, but also that everyone’s views count equally. This helps them to become active members of a democratic society.


We promote equality of opportunity for all, irrespective of gender, race, creed, ability or disability.


The democratic processes within school ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to contribute to school development.   All members of our school community, including pupils, staff, governors, and parents have the opportunity to play a role in making decisions in our school – for example, as part of the committee that project managed the installation of solar panels at school.