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What is Safer Internet Day?

Safer Internet Day is an event, organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre, which aims to promote safe, responsible and positive usage of Internet technology.


It involves lots of local and national organisations coming together to raise awareness of correct internet practices. They look at lots of topics including consent, ownership and data privacy, and it runs with the slogan, ‘Together for a better Internet’. The main goal of Safer Internet Day is to raise awareness and start a conversation about internet safety. One company cannot make the internet wholly safe, but lots of people working together can have a big impact. 


Safer Internet Day is celebrated every year on a Tuesday in Mid-February. In 2021, it will be on the 11th February.


History of Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day was a brainchild of the EU SafeBorders project and was targeted by the connected InSafe network as a multi-national event which highlights the topical issues surrounding the Internet.

By the year 2009, Safer Internet Day had expanded from Europe, under the guidance of more than 100 global Safer Internet Day Committees, to have a worldwide presence. It is now celebrated in over 150 countries across the globe! 


Top 5 Tips for Internet safety

Staying safe on the Internet is a vital part of modern technology usage. Here are our 5 top tips for aiding you and your children in this process:


  • Monitor your child’s Internet usage and keep a track of their browser history.
  • Make sure you choose strong passwords for your secure information.
  • Keep your privacy settings high to ensure your security.
  • Ensure you are up to date with all of the latest security software. 
  • Remember to be as vigilant on your mobile as your desktop or laptop. 


How is Safer Internet Day celebrated?

In the U.K., Safer Internet Day is celebrated by 3 leading charities, which are Childnet International, Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and the South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL). 


It involves over 1,700 organisations across the country joining forces with children, workplace staff, employers and many others besides to promote and propose ways of using the Internet in a safe manner.


Using Safer Internet Day primary resources is a great way to teach children how to stay safe on the internet. The internet can be a brilliant tool, especially for those in education. The goal of days like this is to help children learn what to look out for and what to do if they encounter something they aren't sure about. Internet safety topics that are discussed range from privacy and passwords, to cyberbullying and online identity. What happens online doesn't stay there, it affects who we are and how we act in real life too. Learning while they are younger is a perfect way to empower children to develop the ability to think critically about how they use the internet, and that's a skill that will last for their whole lives! You could do themed lessons, assemblies or creative tasks to support Safer Internet Day in your school.


Our resources on Safer Internet Day

Twinkl has a wealth of online safety teaching resources that will highlight the dangers of unsafe internet usage and the benefits of being wary. This Safer Internet Day 2021 Whole-school Pack is a great way to introduce the concept of safer Internet usage.


Here are some popular Safer Internet Day primary resources: