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Outdoor learning - Exploring lines and patterns in the frost

Outdoor learning - Creating mud sculpture creatures

Design and Technology - Evaluating existing communication devices

RE - Mary's Journey

PE - Blindfold challenges

Music - Clarinet November

Science - Planning and carrying out a fair test

Eco - Promises to help the planet Cop 26

Science - Classifying rocks by their physical properties

Computing - Coding - using my blocks

Forest School 21.10.21 Judaism Sukkots

Music - Clarinet October

Art and RE - Rangoli Patterns

Science - Conductor or insulator investigation

RE - Hinduism Vedas and Rama and Sita Puppet Show

Science - Open or closed circuit

RE - Christianity

Music - Learning the tin whistle before the clarinet

Art challenge - Use black card and A4 paper to create some artwork either 2D or 3D

Science - Battery or plug