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Individual liberty

The liberty of individuals, to be themselves, and to express themselves is an important part of our understanding of being British. 


The principle of individual liberty is embedded in our school’s values


We respect our children’s individuality, encourage creativity and support every child to make       the most of their abilities.


Every child in our school is valued as an individual, and we aim to allow their unique personalities to shine through. We come to know our children very well, and celebrate their different gifts through opportunities for them to share their interests in class, and with the whole school.


We want our pupils to leave our school as a well educated, self confident and caring member of     society.


Children are encouraged to be reflective, and to learn to take responsibility for themselves.  This includes reflecting on their own work.  Within our school community, they are able to develop an understanding of how the concept of personal liberty works within a society


We promote equality of opportunity for all, irrespective of gender, race, creed, ability or disability.


Children are encouraged to develop as individuals, and to understand that others are equally entitled to do so.  By being part of our school, they learn that within individual liberty, there is a responsibility to respect the rights of others.