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Children's investigations

Tomas and Viktoria's dancing grapes

Fred and Mari's osmosis experiment

Ellis and Dylan's volcano and colour mixing

Luke's NASA ice melting experiment and sunflower growing

Joseph's bouncy egg

Issy's bean growing

Harry's pencils through water bag

Harry and Millie's flower experiment

Flora's nature journal

Bryn's lava lamp

Scott and Scarlett's bouncy egg

Bertie's rocket launcher

Austin's special species competition entry

Emma's bioplastic turtle

Freya's colour spectrum

Flora's lava lamps and ink chromatography

Freya's optical illusions

Imogen's light up circuit monster

Imogen's scribblebot

Joel's vehicle to keep an egg safe

Oliver's volcanoes

Price family experiments on volcanoes, dying flowers, water filters and densities of liquids

Sammy's rocket explosion

Sammy's invisible ink

Ted and Artie's speed of sound

Thomas' eye - he learnt that an eye has 3 layers, rods and cones and an optic nerve (the red string) connecting it to the brain.

Viktoria's bubble experiments