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Tuesday 23.2.21 Y4 Maths (please note there is no Y5 worksheet today - just the activities on the WRM video)

Wednesday 10.2.21  Y5 Maths

Please note there is no worksheet for today's Y5 maths.  Please watch and do the activity on the White Rose Maths video.

Friday 5.2.21

Please note that the maths lesson today is just the first page of the worksheet.  The second page is for Monday's lesson.

Thursday 4.2.21

The worksheet for today is the second page of Wednesday's worksheet.

Please note that Wednesday's maths worksheet is only the first page.  The second page is for Thursday's work.
The maths worksheet for Friday 8th January 2021 is the same as yesterday (Thursday), just focusing on questions 5 to 9.