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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day 2019


We linked our assembly to this year's theme ‘Our internet, our choice’. Discussions about how we go online and what you use online. This will be looked at to see the most common apps and games played.


Discussion about when we are online we need to make lots of choices, and give others chance to make a choice for themselves. We need to ask if it’s okay to do something before we do it, linked to consent and permission and we talked about how the school asks for permission for such things as photos on the website. Linked to a story of Zap and Zoom who were playing a game together online and when they reached level 4 it popped up with a message asking for their full name. Discussions went on about not sharing personal information, full name, school, address as well as passwords.

Also re – visited the SMART rules and how if ever they are not sure about something online they should always ask an adult.


Throughout the week children will make their pledges for computer use in school using the 3 c’s rules (content, conduct and contact). These are something we talk about all of the time but also remind children of at this time.