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Curriculum updates and themes

 Autumn 2021 - A World of Bright Ideas

We are starting the year with a wonderfully inspiring and informative theme called “A World of Bright Ideas”, which focuses on the creative process of invention and design with a leaning towards history, design technology and ICT.

Within the theme,  we will look at important inventions and inventors over time, before moving on to learning about more current issues such as patenting and copyright. Towards the end of the half term, the children will have the opportunity to actively engage in the design and making process as they look at the steps involved in generating a concept to producing a commercially viable product in the name of “Enterprise”.

Enterprise will continue to underpin our work throughout Year 6 and the class will have the chance to meet several local business professionals over the next few months as well as visit different businesses.

As part of our “A World of Bright Ideas”, we will also be developing the children’s understanding of electricity; how it has transformed our lives; how circuits are adapted and changed; and how we are adapting to more sustainable production of electrical power. 


Go With The Flow

This three week theme has a key focus on science and will involve looking a several different areas: the human circulatory system; the functions of the heart, blood vessels and blood; the impact of exercise and diet on our body; the ways in which nutrients and water are transported around our bodies; and the changes that take place as human develop. 

We will be visiting "We The Curious" in Bristol, where the children will have a chance not only to focus on the themes that we are looking at in class, but will have time to explore the fabulous activities and exhibits within the site. We will also be linking our investigation work to collecting and presenting data using line graphs.


Winter 2021 - Global Warning

Focused on sustainability and eco-literacy, our recent theme involves the children developing and applying their learning about the global environmental issues of waste and pollution. During the theme the children will have the opportunity to visit a recycling centre and to create different sculptures and items from recycled materials. They will also explore in science how materials can undergo different types of changes, which can or cannot be reversed.



British Bulldog

This three week theme is all about the life and work of Sir Winston Churchill and has a strong history focus and values throughout. We will be considering Churchill's achievements ( and disappointments) before he became Prime Minster, his personal contribution during the World War II and his second term in office, later in life. We will also cover some of the personal issues that he faced during his lifetime and discussing how some of his views and decisions differ form those considered acceptable today. We will look at some of the key events which took place during World War II and some of the key personalities involved but we will be also delving further into this period during a theme later in the year.


Been Around the World

This three week theme is all based around the UK and Hong Kong, with a key focus on geography. We will explore the links between the two countries as well as the location and key features of Hong Kong. In addition, to looking at the physical features of the island, and their impact on the people who live there, we will also investigate different approaches to animal conservation in the two countries.

Wars of the World

This theme will focus on wars from both the past and the present and will consider the major causes of war and the impact that they have on those involved. We will look briefly at both of the World Wars, identifying connections between the two and also their lasting impact on society. More recent wars will include trying to understand the complexity behind the ongoing conflict over the Gaza strip as well as discussing the current situation in Ukraine. Within science, the children will be exploring "How we see" and Light.