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Curriculum updates and themes

 Autumn 2021 - A World of Bright Ideas

We are starting the year with a wonderfully inspiring and informative theme called “A World of Bright Ideas”, which focuses on the creative process of invention and design with a leaning towards history, design technology and ICT.

Within the theme,  we will look at important inventions and inventors over time, before moving on to learning about more current issues such as patenting and copyright. Towards the end of the half term, the children will have the opportunity to actively engage in the design and making process as they look at the steps involved in generating a concept to producing a commercially viable product in the name of “Enterprise”.

Enterprise will continue to underpin our work throughout Year 6 and the class will have the chance to meet several local business professionals over the next few months as well as visit different businesses.

As part of our “A World of Bright Ideas”, we will also be developing the children’s understanding of electricity; how it has transformed our lives; how circuits are adapted and changed; and how we are adapting to more sustainable production of electrical power. 

Curriculum Updates