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Curriculum updates and themes

Spring term - Toys were us!

This term the children wanted to learn all about toys, particularly thinking about older toys.  They wanted to find out about what were the first toys invented and how different they were to their own toys.  They also want to find out what have been the most popular toys and most expensive toys! We would love to find out more from your families about what toys parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles used to play with and what made them so special.  Researching and questioning are key historical skills we will be developing.  We hope to have the opportunity to explore some old toy artefacts later in the term.  Throughout the term, we will use old games to inspire our writing and creative skills, making our own versions of several classic board games.  We look forward to sharing these with you towards the end of term.

Autumn Term – ‘Touching the Void’

This term the children wanted to learn all about extreme and dangerous sports.  They are particularly interested in what are the most dangerous sports and which are most likely to have accidents.  We will do our best not to have any accidents or injuries whilst studying this!  We hope to take the class caving so they can experience something similar to an extreme sport and start to contemplate whether fear beforehand makes an activity more enjoyable and how this differs from person to person.  We also want to make the most of the Rugby World Cup taking part and look at all the different injuries the players get, but how the high risk of injury doesn’t stop them from playing again when they are fit.  Throughout the theme, we will be looking at the dilemmas posed in extreme sports, particularly in reference to the ‘Touching the Void’ story.  We will be continually asking the children – what would you do if you were in that situation?