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Stackpole 2019

Stackpole 2019


Day 1

Great journey down in convoy and explored the local areas.  Y6 were very excited to visit for a second time and Y5 were in awe of such an amazing setting.   Eaten well.  Beds made and rooms organised. We all walked to the sunny beach this afternoon.


Day 2

Up early after a good nights sleep and vacuumed the corridors after a lovely cooked breakfast.  A completely different weather picture today of wet and foggy all day, but we had the right kit so no-one was bothered!  Groups were climbing, canoeing, conserving, mountain biking , rock pooling, coast exploring and on the move all day.


Day 3

Great nights sleep and deliciously hearty breakfast.  Rooms are spotless and everyone is competing to be the cleanest and tidiest room!  Full day planned with canoeing, biking, rock pooling, conservation work and coastal exploration.