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The rule of law

An important part of British values is the understanding that any society or community can only work well, and protect all its members, if there are rules which everyone is expected to follow.


The importance of the rule of law is embedded in our school’s values:


We respect our children’s individuality, encourage creativity and support every child to make the most of their abilities.


Children are taught that it is important to have rules, to ensure fairness and safety for everyone.  They are encouraged to participate in establishing and setting their class rules.  They know that they are expected to abide by the rules within school, and that there may be sanctions if they do not do so.  Children understand the school rules, the reasons behind them, and that they are fair. 


We want our pupils to leave our school as a well educated, self confident and caring members of society.


Children are taught to respect authority, and are given the opportunity to learn about the roles of authority figures within our society through curriculum visits, welcoming visitors within school and taking part in assemblies. They understand that there are people who do not keep the rules, and that they must take steps to keep themselves and others safe. Children are taught the importance of this, through schemes such as ‘Bikeability’, e-safety and NSPCC assemblies.


We promote equality of opportunity for all, irrespective of gender, race, creed, ability or                disability.


Children are encouraged to take an active part in promoting the rule of law, through a variety of forums within school and they take responsibility and monitor a range of areas within school and outside at break times.  Children understand that rules and laws apply equally to everyone, and they see this in action in school every day.