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Representing the lifecycle of a caterpillar

Learning about our countries, making flags and maps

Observation drawings of snail shells and releasing snails

Observational drawing of a leaf

Exploring numbers beyond 10

Creating a spiders web

Threading a spiders web

Collecting a tally chart of bugs we have found

The Evil Pea


Creating muscles

Making bones

Phonics, tricky words and sentences

Making a police car

Police badges

Frozen bubbles

Counting down to Christmas

Jack in the box

Celebrating Diwali

Problem solving with number 5

Celebrating Remembrance

Firework experiment

Goldilocks and the three bears

Making hedgehogs

Gummy bear experiment

Buidling the Church using loose parts

Searching for cobwebs

Being independent - keeping our space clean and tidy

Learning in the classroom, exploring shape and capacity

Forest School Base Camp

We're all going on a bug hunt!

Working with magnetic letters

Outside building

Parachute PE and Yoga

Helping each other use the Trim Trail

What's inside the welly print?