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Residential visits

Y5/6 Residential to Dale Fort February 2024



All arrived safe and sound and settled in to our rooms.  Great organisation and independence from all the children.  We enjoyed a tasty lunch before exploring the centre and the fabulous surroundings.  We are overlooking the sea and are looking out for sea life as seals, sea porpoises and dolphins are often spotted here!



All slept well and enjoyed a hearty breakfast.  Lots of  work today studying coastal erosion and the impact to the local area.  The windy and wild weather really helped us to further understand this.  We visited the beach  for an environmental study and completed some map work.  Our classroom overlooks the sea and is a perfect setting to really engage with our learning and understand the environment around us.  



Up early after another good nights sleep.  Dressed quickly and without fuss, beds made, rooms tidy and organised for the day ahead.  Children showed great teamwork and values .  Breakfast was delicious with a really good choice for everyone.  Visited Stackpole and explored the amazing grounds and surrounding beaches.  Spent lots of time beach combining, fossil hunting and making beach art.



Another great nights sleep - must be the sea air!  This morning we explored the rocky shore and looked at shoreline creatures.  This afternoon we went to a different location for some Seine fishing.  We used a very large and very special type of net to capture the fish and sea creatures without causing them any harm.  We then examined them a little more closely and evaluated their habitats.



Y5 and Y6 residential visit to Margam Field Study Centre 2023


The children have been really busy on their residential visit to Margam Filed Study Centre.  They have taken part in a small star orienteering course requiring them to use map skills to find orienteering points. 


They have also explored the wild woodland and freshwater pond habitats learning how to identify both vertebrates and invertebrates whilst appreciating their ecological adaptations. The children discovered how energy moves through ecosystems and how a constant commitment to sustainability of the planet helps us all to become ethical citizens of Wales and the world.


They went on to investigate how a river changes as when moving from the source to the mouth, identifying features such as tributaries and meanders. Measuring the width, depth, and flow at three different sites along the Nant Philip River.


They will also learn how the Iron Age people would have lived, worked, and defended the local area against the Roman occupation. 


In the evenings, after eating a delicious dinner. they have gathered around the camp fire and enjoyed sharing the amazing adventures of the day.



Stackpole 2020

Wednesday am update

Tuesday was packed full of exciting activities as we took part in the following:


Mountain biking, canoeing, conservation work, climbing, rock pooling, orienteering and coastal exploring.  All our groups had the same opportunities at different times throughout the day. 


Last night we went for a moonlit beach walk, sang songs and looked at the stars. We also had a fire and watched some 'stone age TV's'


Tuesday am update

Great start to the week.  Hoovers are out and a lot of children had to be woken. Good journey down and an afternoon spent on the beach.  All good and well.


Impressive things so far:

  • conversations on the buses and the lack of technology brought. Children were noticing and discussing lots of things as we travelled.
  • setting up rooms and teamwork (without being asked).
  • 51 children in the dining room (only Madley is allowed this) and sitting with different people each meal time.