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Stackpole 2020

Wednesday am update

Tuesday was packed full of exciting activities as we took part in the following:


Mountain biking, canoeing, conservation work, climbing, rock pooling, orienteering and coastal exploring.  All our groups had the same opportunities at different times throughout the day. 


Last night we went for a moonlit beach walk, sang songs and looked at the stars. We also had a fire and watched some 'stone age TV's'


Tuesday am update

Great start to the week.  Hoovers are out and a lot of children had to be woken. Good journey down and an afternoon spent on the beach.  All good and well.


Impressive things so far:

  • conversations on the buses and the lack of technology brought. Children were noticing and discussing lots of things as we travelled.
  • setting up rooms and teamwork (without being asked).
  • 51 children in the dining room (only Madley is allowed this) and sitting with different people each meal time.