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Curriculum updates and themes

Time Team

Time Team has a history and geography focus on the local area. We will be learning about Herefordshire. Pupils will be identifying and choosing a famous person from the past who lived in Herefordshire. They will also focus on five key landmarks undertaking research to find out important information about each one. Once the research has been completed, the pupils will put together their very own walking tour or leaflet. The theme will involve us visiting the city of Hereford for a guided tour and some local people visiting school to share their life experiences, photos and memories.


Pharaoh Queen

Pharaoh Queen has a history focus, telling the inspirational story of Hatshepsut. She is famous for being only the third woman to become pharaoh in 3000 years of Ancient Egyptian history and the first to attain the full power of the position. We will learn, through her life story, all about her achievements and ongoing legacy.


Mission Control

As part of our theme ‘Mission Control’ we will be learning about Earth and beyond, with a key focus on science and history. We will learn about the Earth, Sun and Moon and their relationship to each other, before finding out more about space exploration and communication. We will be taking part in a virtual space mission and having a visit from the Space Dome.

Fighting Footballer


Fighting Footballer has a history focus, telling the compelling story of Walter Tull. He was one of Britain’s first black footballers whose career was cut short by the First World War. During the war, however, he earned his commission as an officer in the British Army, the first black man to hold the title. The racial prejudice he faced both on the football field and in the army was significant but that never stopped him from displaying courage, commitment and care for his community

Come Fly With Me America.


During the ‘Come Fly With Me! America’ theme we will be learning about North and Central America, with a key focus on geography and history. It begins with the location of countries and states, before we move on to learning about the discovery of America and the Indigenous People of the Americas. We will also study weather and climate, as well as human and physical features. A curriculum visit to the American museum will bring our learning to life.