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Summer Term 2022

With lots of babies being born into our families this term we explored our interest in growth. We had a visit from a baby sister and learned about what babies need. We enjoyed watching the blue tits that had nested in our bird box and had lots of visits from Wiggles, the lamb! We explored beans and seeds; sorting and describing them, making patterns with them and then planting them. We explored where seeds and beans come from and searched for them in our fruit at snacktime. We painted pictures of some of the fruits we found seeds in and planted seeds that grew into sunflowers, spinach and beanstalks. We created our own Garden centre and looked after various plants. We enjoyed painting pictures of flowers and using petals to make Hapa Zome pictures.

We have enjoyed lots of outdoor physical play; creating our own obstacle courses, building towers, climbing, throwing, kicking and catching balls. We have taken lots of walks around the school grounds and the village, exploring new paths and having new adventures.

We celebrated Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee; making Union Jack flags, decdorating bunting and having Tea Parties. We joined the school for a special Fish 'n' Chip picnic and made a card for the Queen. We were really surprised when we had a letter back from her!

Towards the end of term we have battled with some very hot weather and cooled down with some paddling pool fun! After sampling some ice pops we explore ice further by creating our own ice lollies and freezing some natural materials and toy animals. We then watched what happened to the frozen items and discovered the best way to release the animals!