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Autumn Term 2021

Autumn Term 2021 - September and October

This Half Term we have welcomed lots of new children and their families into Madley Pre-School. We have enjoyed following the children's interests and this has taken us in many different directions. With lots of interest in the apples and potatoes being harvested and the tractor and trailers driving past the children embarked on creating their own 'Apple Factory' where they spent time rolling apples down gutters into the water tray to be washed, before being sorted according to size or colour and then being sold in our 'Pop-up shop'. The children have also enjoyed watching the season and weather change and have painted pictures of apples and sunflowers, chopped and mashed potatoes and roasted sweet potatoes, peeled, chopped and mashed bananas to make banana bread. They have enjoyed exploring Fairy Tales and retelling their favourite parts, tasting porridge and making gingerbread men. We have enjoyed exploring our new 'Snug' and recently finished garden space and terrace, giving us free flow access to the outdoors in all weathers. 

November and December 2021

This half term we followed the children's interests in lots of different directions, beginning with a fascination with the different shaped pumpkins a child brought in. We enjoyed comparing them, printing with them, painting them, hammering into them and scooping out the insides. We then enjoyed reading and retelling lots of Fairy Tales, in particular The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks. This allowed for lots of cooking experiences; peeling and chopping vegetables to make vegetable soup and pizza, and cooking porridge to eat out of different sized bowls, using different sized spoons, and baking spiced fruit cakes to sell in our 'pop up' cafe. 

We made poppies out of playdough and other loose parts and materials and create some card poppies to display in our mini Remembrance garden to reflect on those that have fought for our country.

An interest in babies led to us creating a creche in our Role-Play area. We talked about what babies need and how they should be cared for. This took us on to The Nativity story and the birth of Jesus and how we celebrate Christmas in our families.