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'People who help us' Spring Term 1&2

We were fascinated by Dr Marks equipment he let us explore, we were very lucky to spend the morning learning more about how to grow up healthily and how Doctors can help us when we are ill.

We explored how our 'black dot in our eye' changes size when a torch is shone into it and how some medicines and tablets look like sweets. 

We impressed Dr Mark and Nurse Marie with our hand washing and learnt how to tie bandages and use the number 999 in an emergency.

A&E doctor and nurse visit to Madley Pre-school.

Our visit to Peterchurch fire station.

We all enjoyed a great visit to our local fire station. 

Our visit from Fire fighter Scott.

We listened to firefighter Scott's adventures. He explained how he is alerted to a fire and were lucky enough to try on his uniform. Our listening skills were great and we now have budding fire fighters keeping Pre-school safe.

We have enjoyed designing and building Fire engines with the Mobilo. Focus, determination and resilience followed by celebrations at our results.

We welcomed PCSO Pete to Pre-School, he bought the police car for us to sit in and we heard the siren and watched the blue lights flash.

PCSO Pete came in for a cup of tea and Jack offered him a biscuit. We discovered he doesn't live in the police station and he is really a nice man. We know if we need help we could Call 999 for help.