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Headteacher Update 14th October 2021

'Everyday is an adventure'

Attached is a document that is a 'snapshot' of the children's thoughts about our school. It was something every class did before the summer holidays and is worth sharing with everyone. We will do it again later in the year. The children weren't given any prompts or directives but asked for their honest views about our school.


Next week is an extremely busy week for school with Longtown days (Years 5 and 6), Year 3 and 4 overnight residential and other curriculum visits/events happening.


We will definitely have earned a restful half term this half term (although our roof works may start then) !


Rugby club flier

Although this flier is for Under 6s there are other age groups, please contact the same e-mail and someone will get back to you. At primary school age both boys and girls play together and contact rugby starts at Under 9 level.


Comet's Meadow update

Although it may seem all has gone quiet there has been a lot of work under the 'surface' as we have secured several grants, we have had £1000 of equipment donated by a local company and we have a few other grant applications in the pipeline. Once we have a storage facility and mains water connected (Madley Charities are doing this as the landowner) then we will be set for the next stage of establishing everything and constructing paths etc (hopefully all those generous parents/friends are still willing to offer resources and teamwork in the future).


Parent's evenings/after school times

We will send out invites next week. We were just waiting to see what would happen with the roof works as access to the building will be different (all of the external wooden structures will be removed and scaffolding put up).


We may stagger the appointments over several weeks so we don't have people waiting. We may also sent the books and learning journeys home before hand so it makes the appointment more focussed/learning centred.


Food for thought:

The last time a current Year 5 child had a full school year was when they were in Year 2 ! Although the pandemic has been on-going for more than 18 months it has crossed different years within a school context. Now we could either use that as an excuse or we work with it, our approach is always 'to make the best of it !'


A current Year 1 has not had a normal school year yet (fingers crossed for this year) and parents/carers have had a very different experience (some even chose schools without being able to look around). Also the 'normal' processes of school and engagement have been disrupted.

We are acutely aware of all of these things and are finding ways to try and make it as 'normal' as possible. It is also why parent's evenings are so important and need to be done properly and safely (around Covid/roof works and anything else that can be thrown at us !!).

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Park and Stride

Amazing numbers this week with between 20 and 30 children everyday and amazing volunteers (and all for free). It is easy for parents/carers and eases traffic around school.


A lot more positive than the 5 cars (repeat offenders) parking across drives on white lines, dropping dangerously or blocking driveways that have been reported to the Police. Everyone is busy and 'in a hurry' but that doesn't excuse selfish/thoughtless behaviours !


If you want to know more about 'Park and Stride' or want to volunteer to help please e-mail the office.


Parish hall

The Parish Hall is used by other people so could we please ask:

- you do not block the entrance to the Parish Hall unless you are a Blue Badge holder who is dropping off for a short period of time.

- You are aware of traffic that may come in or out when you are waiting/dropping off or walking with your children.


Attendance last week (lots of bugs/sickness and Covid around)

RECEPTION = 83.8 %

CLASS 1 = 85 %

CLASS 2 = 91 %

CLASS 3 = 93.8 %

CLASS 4 = 93.2 %

CLASS 5 = 75.7 %

CLASS 6 = 93.1 %

Total (whole school) = 87.7 % (this is much better than expected)


Attendance this week

There is more 'normality' this week as more children have recovered from illness and returned to school, below is a 'snapshot' of the sickness/covid cases which seem to be easing. As always this is for information not gossip and no names will ever be shared. As you can see numbers are low (although under the 'old rules' four classes would probably have been isolating.

Tuesday 12th October 21



Positive PCR

Waiting for PCR

Going for PCR

Isolating and doing daily LFT