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Headteacher Update 20th September 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope your weekend was enjoyable and safe. A big 'welcome' to Reception who start their second full week together. 


1. Parents' evenings

Before the summer holidays I said we 'might' have a parent's evening in the first few weeks. As a staff we are very concerned with the rising Covid case numbers and we are very aware of primary and secondary schools with new and increasing cases. We have a parents' evening scheduled for the week after half term and this will definitely go ahead but may be a phone conversation. If we feel it is safe for staff we will have a face to face meeting with measures to protect staff. 


Constant communication 

School staff are very quick in responding to parental requests and will always communicate with you (as long as time allows). We always say not to leave any issues and we try to deal with anything as quickly as possible. If you wish to speak to a teacher please e-mail the office or ask them directly (but we cannot meet there and then as we have classes to teach). 


2. Attendance 

Overall = 95.1 % 

Best classes = Class 6 (99% - brilliant) and Class 5 (97.6%).

Class R were 97.2% in their first full week of school together. Lots of new adventures and experiences. 


3. Staff working

We often don't share what school do or the hours that they work but I think it is time to share ! We love our jobs and don't moan or whinge but it is worth sharing. We love our jobs but need people to be aware that there is a great deal of pressure in a school and there are '2 jobs' - the day job of teaching the children and the evening job of planning, marking and paper work. We also work in the holidays ! 


Myself (head) - I teach 3 days a week (mainly forest school). I will be alternating this so every other week is led on-site by fully trained forest school leaders so I can focus on leading the school.

Mrs Lee (Deputy/Class 3/SENDCO) - teaches 3.5 days a week with 1.5 for SENDCO/PPA and management time.

Class teachers - work full time with 0.5 Planning, preparation and assessment time within the working week. Most of their planning, marking etc is done in the evening.


Pupil behaviour

Our children's behaviour is generally very good and they show responsibility, care and awareness in all they do. Last week we have had several minor incidents of grabbing and being too physical, it isn't acceptable. 


Language - we expect children to talk like children and do not accept swearing or bad language at all. Surprisingly there are a number of children using words like 'damn' or 'damn it....' and this is not normal child language. We model the correct language for children and would politely ask that all parents/carers do the same. As parents/carers you are the strongest model in your child's life and they aspire to be like you, talk like you etc, a huge responsibility. 


Kind regards

Mr Batstone