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Headteacher update 30th November

Hello all,


I hope you had a peaceful last weekend of 'lockdown' and are ready for another week. Christmas is approaching and the children are getting excited, news on what we might be able to do later this week!


1.  Home learning ideas - if you follow us on Twitter (@MadleyPrimarySc) you will see lots of ideas from forest school and also the classroom that can be done at home as well. A map is attached from an idea we use at forest school to use what we find (trees, plants, objects etc) to stimulate ideas to tell stories, you could do a similar thing at home by using screen shots of a map (we use the OS map app) then overlaying photos along the way (the children took some of these). So far classes have found trees with eyes, a guardian of the forest, a mirror lake, a turtle tree guard and an elephant foot tree ! our quest continues ........ great for Geography skills as well. 


Our 'site' is actually where the parachute picture is but we are very lucky to be given access to the whole woods if we want to explore further for stories etc. We used the parachute this week to explore how a hot air balloon works as the heat from our fire raised the temperature slightly inside and the parachute rose up. 


Our forest school site is private land for our exclusive use and is kindly 'lent' to us by The Duchy Of Cornwall, we are very fortunate to have it and we have built up a very positive relationship with the Duchy over the past 10 years. Please do not explore our site, hopefully we will hold some family sessions when 'normality' returns. 


2. Useful books and stories for helping your children

Oliver Jeffers - 'The Heart and The Bottle' - both a picture book for any age and also an interactive app. 

                       - 'What We'll Build' - a picture book about building for the future - a great start to conversations. 

Barefoot Book Company - have a range of amazing resources and books for all ages but especially younger children. 


Story boxes/bags - use and old shoe box or a bag to collect objects then draw them from the bag to re-tell a story. Originally stories were always told (Aborigines use story sticks to collect objects, attach them to a stick then use the objects as a reminder to re-tell the story of their journey). 


You may develop a 'Covid box' (or re-may it something more positive)with objects, newspaper clippings etc of this time and use it as a positive reflection on 'a moment in history' and reflect on any positive aspects e.g more time together, walks, re-connection with the outdoors etc. Whatever we might think we have been a 'moment' in history ! 


3. Overall attendance last week was 98%. All classes had over 96%. 


4. Parking - we are now down to just 3 people who seem not to notice anyone else or the safety of others (either blocking the pull in in front of the pub or just parking where they want). This week we will send specific e-mails to those people then inform the Police. Thank you to all those who coped well with the removal lorries and are considerate to others, much appreciated. 


Our gates open at just after 8:45am in the morning and at 3:25pm in the afternoon.


Could we please ask that people do not queue across the main entrance as it blocks other coming out. We try to be as quick as possible opening the gates but we don't want to keep getting earlier and earlier as staff have things to prepare in the morning and the children get ready for a certain time at the end of the day. 


5. Information regarding exit from lockdown (copied from the BBC News website)



  • From 00:01 GMT on Wednesday 2 December your area will be under Covid restrictions in the tier two (high alert) category for England.


Meeting friends and family


  • From 2 December you will no longer be required to stay at home whenever possible.
  • You will not be allowed to mix with anyone from outside your household or support bubble indoors, either in a private home or a public place.
  • You can socialise in groups of up to six people outdoors - either in private gardens or public places.
  • Support bubbles can be formed between one household and another which contains only one adult - with some exceptions.
  • You can also form a support bubble with another household if you have a child under one, or a child under five with a disability that needs continuous care.
  • Children can continue to move between homes if their parents are separated.

 Going to work


  • You should work at home if at all possible.
  • If you have to return to your workplace, your employer must make arrangements for you to work safely.
  • This advice will not change after 2 December and the end of the national lockdown.


 Schools and nurseries


  • Primary and secondary schools are open, as are nurseries and childcare.
  • If a school has coronavirus cases, local health protection teams will advise what to do.
  • All pupils and staff in secondary schools (Year 7 and above) must wear face coverings in communal areas outside the classroom.
  • Universities remain open, but students have been asked to return home for the holidays in a travel window between 3 and 9 December and complete the term online from there.


 Leisure time


  • From 2 December pubs and bars may open only if they are operating as restaurants.
  • Alcohol may be served in pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants but only as part of a substantial meal.
  • Licensed premises must be table service only, stop taking orders at 22:00 GMT and close at 23:00.
  • Entertainment venues can reopen.
  • Gyms and leisure facilities such as swimming pools can reopen.
  • Exercise classes and organised adult sport can take place outdoors, but not indoors if it involves people from different households mixing.
  • Organised activities for elite athletes, under-18s and disabled people can continue.
  • Sports events and live performances can open to spectators - up to 50% capacity or 2,000 people outdoors (1,000 people indoors) - whichever is lower.



  • From 2 December all retail outlets can reopen.



  • From 2 December you will be allowed to stay overnight away from your home with members of your household or support bubble.
  • Places of worship will reopen for communal services. Worshippers should not interact with anyone from outside their household or support bubble.
  • Weddings, civil partnerships and receptions can take place once more, with up to 15 guests.
  • You should reduce the number of journeys you make where possible, and avoid travelling into tier three areas unless necessary.

Have a good week.



Mr Batstone