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Update - 3rd March

Good morning,

There is a lot going on in and around school at the moment with the balance between home learning, lots of children in school and preparing for next week. We are trying to apply 'common sense' to all that we do and please be aware that we have to have procedures for 205 children, 205 sets of parents/carers and the local community not just individuals. It is a test of everyones's values ............

Shoe swap (suggestion from a parent) - a good use of Whats App may be to set up a potential shoe swap if shoes are too small and they are relatively new/in good condition. School won't organise this, you can do it amongst yourselves and it is entirely your choice if you think a shoe swap is a good idea. Until the shops re-open we will be flexible with uniform/shoes etc as long as people are sensible. 

After Easter (as it would be in normal times), and if the shops are open, we will expect normal uniform rules to apply. We only offer flexibility towards the end of the summer term if children grow out of their shoes e.g if there are 3 weeks to go until we break up we wouldn't expect you to buy a new pair for 3 weeks. 

Today I would like you to share this e-mail with your children please (you can put it into the words they will understand)

The last year has been very mixed with time in and out of school, a lack of social contact and a mixed picture of being able to do clubs etc. The following information is to clarify exactly what is expected from everyone.

The school code is attached, please discuss it as a family and think about how the values apply both in and out of school. 

Expectations on our return to school (this is really important for everyone)

All of the following aspects are 'normal' at Madley and have been embedded over a long time, we have very few issues if people do the 'right thing' and are kind, thoughtful and considerate to others. 

1. Expectations in the classroom

As always we expect people to behave, not to disrupt others and to be respectful to all adults. 

Like last time people were amazing at getting back 'into the flow' of school and we want the same thing again. 

We do not talk about 'catching up' as we can't replace time but if we have been working hard at home, have got the right mindset and come back with the right attitude then we are halfway there ! 

2. Expectations of behaviour and how you treat others

We expect all children (and adults) to be kind, aware, to care and to be thoughtful. 

We have a 'hands free' policy which is why we don't have play fighting or games that involve people getting carried away. 

3. Equipment, kit and managing everything

We expect everyone to look after your own kit, school equipment and our environment. 

4. To be safe

We expect people to be aware and safe. We have everything organised to keep everyone as safe as possible (without scaring people).

Teamwork and values

  • If the parents/carers do their 'bit.'
  • If the school does it's 'bit.'
  • If the children do their 'bit.' 

Then all the 'bits' fit perfectly and it all works ! Simple ...........

Each class will receive an e-mail before the end of the week with specific information and reminders as well as the general updates (which are also posted on the school website). 

Kind regards

Mr Batstone