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Update Friday 23rd April

Dear Parents/Carers,


1. Masks - any adult (unless they have a medical exemption) must be wearing a mask on our school grounds at any time including  Breakfast Club drop off/pick up, MASC drop off/pick up and normal school pick up/drop off. 

2. Easing of restrictions (school) - our own approach will be slow, cautious and sensible. In a few weeks we will start to have two classes (socially distanced) in assemblies in the hall each day. We will also start to mix two classes together outside for break and lunchtimes. Year 1 will return to eating on tables together in the hall. The mixing of the children will take place slowly and carefully both for safety and because it has been a year since the children mixed in classes.


3. Return to school - the children have generally come back well and settled back in well. There are a couple of things we would like parents/carers to check, reinforce and work on at home. Eating with good table manners, holding a knife and fork properly (we have special ones in Reception) and remembering to say 'please and thank you' are basic things we expect. 


4. Jewellery - a reminder that all children are allowed to wear plain studs in their ears. No other jewellery is allowed.


5. MASC pick up (Thursday only) - this is via the Reception gate as MASC are in Year 3 due to Irish dancing in the hall. The rest of the week is via the front door. 


Have a good weekend, thank you for your 'common sense' and safety around school. It is appreciated.



Mr Batstone