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Update - Monday March 22nd

Welcome to Monday ! I hope you had an enjoyable and safe weekend. 

We are currently checking when this term actually finishes as we set the dates a while ago but our website says one thing and another set of dates say another, we will clarify it on the next update this week. It has been a long time since we set them and a lot has happened since then ! 

All seems to be working well around school. Could we please ask that everyone remembers it is still 'lockdown' and the 'rules' haven't changed yet and, if you are mixing at weekends or mixing with lots of people, the virus cases are still fairly high nationally. If school staff are testing and careful and other families are testing and careful then it is completely unfair for others to be 'doing their own thing' then sending their children to school and putting everyone at risk. We will have more freedoms soon enough if we all work together. More staff are now being vaccinated as our age allows !! 

Within school we are still keeping 'bubbles' separate with their own toilets and no mixing. Staff are wearing masks in shared areas and we are being really mindful. We are all doing 'our bit' to keep you safe. 

Current 'rules' (from March 8th)

- one person can meet one other outdoors.

- Child care bubbles' can be formed with one other family (not a different family everyday).

- Children return to school full time.

The next review is March 29th when we hope that the meeting of two families or 'rule of 6' will apply if the review thinks it is safe. Outdoor sports can resume. 

April 12th - the next review will decide if shops, hairdressers etc can re-open. This is the first 'big step' towards more normality. 

1. Chromebook return days by class (please make sure they are 'power washed' in settings before a return)

R/1 = Monday 22nd March 

2/3 = Tuesday 23rd March 

3/4 = Wednesday 24th March 

5/6 = Thursday 25th March 

Not sure why Year 3 got two days but never mind, lucky them ! 

If you used the Chromebook as a 'guest' then it doesn't need 'power washing' as nothing should be saved on it and it won't let you do it ! Don't worry ! 

2. Rugby flier attached - this is for younger children and tag rugby at Hereford Rugby Club.

3. Red Nose Day - great effort everyone and we will count up the donations this week and let you know what was raised. 

4. Offers of help - 'thank you' for the house plants, scaffolding boards so far. Much appreciated. 

More updates later in the week.


Mr Batstone