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Daily update - Friday 8th January

Good morning everyone,

Our first day with the key worker children in school went very well, slightly different as staff are wearing PPE but we are still the same underneath. The children were amazing and adjusted to the new restrictions, different environment and ways of working with enthusiasm and really sensible behaviour. Parents/Carers around school were excellent and wore masks and were fast at dropping off and picking up, thank you all. 


SeeSaw - feedback from teachers is positive and we are tracking who is engaging (the vast majority) before we phone home next week for those who are not. As we have said already, all children should be engaging with home learning and following the work set by the teachers (there is a 'flow' to some of this work which cannot be missed e.g Year 6 - Mrs Lacey is watching !! ). On the whole we are pleased and you should be proud of your approach to the work so far. 


From Monday the amount and range of work will increase (not to keep your children busy) but to give a wider curriculum offer as we would in school. 


There will be teething problems with devices, ICT issues etc but we are all working our way through unprecedented, new and challenging times. 


Parents - hopefully your children are helping you by settling to work. Home is not school and there will be the good days and bad days of engagement and learning, it happens ! If you are struggling for devices etc  please e-mail admin and we will endeavour to help. 


Home learning

You will be given a range of comprehensive work but there are some useful websites for anything 'extra' that you may wish to do. 


BBC bitesize and the BBC are hosting a range of films, work etc - it seems to be mostly in the morning but iplayer will have resources if you wanted to watch things later. 


Natural History Museum 


Phonics Play - free during lockdown (then £6 a year afterwards). Especially good for younger year groups. 


Oxford Owl - younger children reading resources. 


DK findout ! - suitable for all ages. 


National Geographic - free. Wide range of resources to explore the wider World. 


Tate Kids - free  - modern art site for inspiration, ideas and things to try.


Have a lovely 'lockdown' weekend, stay safe.


Mr Batstone