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Headteacher update 12th October 2020

Hello all,


1. Layer up - the temperature will be colder this week with a cold wind so please allow your child to wear an extra layer if necessary. Advice is still for air circulation so we have windows and doors slightly open. Our heating is not on yet but when it is it will be kept at 20 c. 


2. Thank you one and all for making everything work so far. Please keep the awareness of others, social distancing, speed of 'drop off and pick up' going ('flow and go'), park safely and sensibly and be aware as it makes everything much easier. 


3. Outdoor learning/forest school - it is working really well and we have a very kind parent who is putting our parachute up for extra shelter and we have an 9 litre kettle on the way so we can warm us with hot drinks when the temperature dips. Forest school helps the children to relax whilst still learning and adds to their 'mental wealth' (the ability to think positively about situations, find solutions and know yourself a bit better). Attached is a document that exemplifies the benefits of outdoor learning. 


Last week lots of classes were working on a '100 leaf challenge' to find (and name if you were Year 4) a variety of leaves (colour, shape, texture etc) then use them to create a piece of work based on shape and pattern. The artwork was the photograph as the leaves will disappear over time. Attached is an example photograph if you wanted to try something at home (this was a professional artists work though the children did some amazing work as well). 


Forest school clothing - layers, change of shoes for indoors and no hoodies. Hat and gloves can be worn or come in their bag. 'Function not fashion' is the thinking please. 


Mon = Year R pm

Tue = Year 5 pm (packed lunch needed)

Wed = Year 2 am (back for lunch) and Year 3 pm (packed lunch needed)

Thurs = Year 1 pm

Fri = Year 4 (packed lunch needed)

Year 6 work theirs slightly differently in groups. They will be using the site soon for some mysterious curriculum work ! Mrs Lacey will give you the details soon........


4. Green Flag Eco award - we are aiming for our 6th Green Flag Award (the highest accolade, it used to be that you became an 'Ambassador School' if you achieved 5 in a row and you never had to apply again but that changed a few years ago) this year and I have attached our 'map' of how it works and connects in school and beyond.' A few older children will be participating in a virtual carbon neutral conference this week. All the eco schools work is part of our curriculum, culture and 'legacy' for the future.


Thank you to the parents who have offered assistance with Comets Meadow, much appreciated and we will be in touch. Anyone know anyone who might help us out with raised beds, a polytunnel or two and a container to keep materials in ?! (if you don't ask you don't get !!). 


5. Platinum School Games Award - we have been awarded the Platinum Award for the past 3 years and there has been lots of talk in the press and social media about a reduction of PE in schools. We haven't reduced our PE time as we see it as vital to well being, mental wealth and our culture. This morning the whole school virtual assembly focussed on 'fairness' and 'happiness' and used the weekends All Blacks v Australia highlights to think about sport, enjoyment, fairness and happiness. Everything is connected !


The only aspect of PE/sport we have lost for a while are clubs as they would mix bubbles and our field has to be used for breaks/lunchtimes and it would make it a mud bath so we are holding off for a while. 


Have a good week everyone.


Kind regards

Mr Batstone