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Headteacher update 1st November

Hello everyone,


Following the announcement yesterday this update today replaces the one for tomorrow. There are some reminders and minimal changes to what we do in the weeks ahead. Whatever your personal beliefs are we have a duty of care to all children and staff and our aim is to keep everyone as safe as possible. Our systems are robust and worked so we don't need to change much and keep everyone's awareness on track, we then deal with situations as they occur or any new announcements (which I am sure will come).


I hope you all had a safe, peaceful and enjoyable half term. 


From Monday November 2nd 

- Only one parent accompanies your child to school to minimise the number of external adults around school.


- Please 'flow and go' quickly at the beginning and end of the day. Gates open in the morning at just after 8:45am and close on the last church bell at 9am (please do not be late). At the end of the day the gates will open at 3:25pm. This all worked well last half term thanks to your common sense and co-operation. All entrances and exits are the same as before and 2m markings have been refreshed


- Please park sensibly and we do not operate a 'drop off' system. The vast majority of parents have been really sensible with this but we need everyone to assist. There is plenty of parking a short walk from school. 

- If your child, or anyone in your household shows symptoms (high temperature, constant cough etc) then please book a test and do not come to school until you have your results and advice from the track and trace system. 


- Children will still go to forest school (Year 2 is all day on Monday November 2nd, packed lunch is needed) but won't be going anywhere else until next term). 


- Lunches will continue as before half term. 


- No clubs will operate this term (Irish dancing will send separate information).


- Some staff may wear face masks/shields or other PPE as they can wear anything they need to feel safe or to protect their family (some staff live with very vulnerable adults). 


- Attendance - before half term this was amazing (bit of luck, awareness and the area we live in). Please contact the school if you have any worries or concerns about your own family (01981 250241 or Each situation is looked at individually. 


- Breakfast club and Madley After School Club will still operate but will be reviewed as required (as this is one place where children from different year groups mix). If you are furloughed from Thursday and no longer require MASC or breakfast club for the month please contact Pre School (breakfast club) or school (MASC) and we will apply common sense and flexibility for the period of lockdown.  


Parents/carers may also need to think about (not our place to tell you what to do with these) -


- Lift sharing with other families. 


I am sure more information will come out this week but we have robust systems in place and it all worked before half term. With your co-operation and common sense it should all work again. Updates will be sent every Monday and Thursday unless there is an emergency one.




Mr Batstone