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Headteacher Update 1st October 2021

Welcome to the end of the week !


This has been a very challenging week in school with our first Covid outbreak and all the associated issues to manage it. The staff, parents and children in Year 6 have been amazing as have the wider school. The aim this week was to keep the outbreak contained so it didn't affect the rest of the school or force us to close. 


Moving forward this is going to be an on-going issue and I am sure it won't be our last experience ! 


1. New values for October (values are not just school based)

Appreciation - the children are good at appreciating the world around them and noticing things at forest school and around. This month we will be focussing on people we appreciate and aspects of our lives that we appreciate.


Caring - We are a caring school (care isn't always 'soft and fluffy') and the children and adults show that in bucket loads every day. We also have great care for our World and the environment. 


2. Correct PE kit/uniform

Please can we ask that children have the correct school uniform and PE kit. We don't have many issues but we have some children wearing variations when they are in uniform (we know there have been some hoodie supply issues).


PE kit

- black/dark plain tracksuit bottoms/shorts.

- White t-shirt and school hoodie/sweatshirt

- trainers/plimsolls (we will do a check on these next week - not Converse or trainers with platform soles). 


3. Jewellery

One pair of plain studs.

Nothing else ! 


4. Covid update

We have returned to our 'bubbles' for classes (not a massive change since we came back as we were prepared anyway). We are being very open and honest with you and sharing the correct information about school. 


Year 6 - the rate of positive cases has slowed and it doesn't seem to have spread anywhere (famous last words !). Thank you to the Year 6 parents/carers for their approach and common sense. 

There are over a 1000 children in Herefordshire who are positive or isolating (attendance nationally last week was 88% and Herefordshire was 82%, this is the first time the county has been significantly below the national picture) and most schools are affected. 

Please be mindful of where you go, who you mix with and please communicate with school effectively so we have the correct information. 


5. Parents' evenings 

We are acutely aware that it has been a while since parents/carers have seen books, Learning Journeys  etc. We are looking at staging some safe parents' evenings for all classes but staggering times and using the covered outside spaces, if we do it carefully we can stage it over a few weeks before and after half term and use different entrances to school. In the meantime if you wish to speak to a teacher just ring or e-mail and a convenient time will be arranged (we will always ask people to wear a mask if they can and to meet in our many external, covered areas (so please bring a coat !). 

More news and dates next week.......


6. Parking/dropping off/road safety

A big 'thank you' to the volunteers who help with 'park and stride' and also the many families who us it. 

We do not operate a 'drop off' system and we have a small minority of parents/carers who fail to adhere to our school values and expectations by stopping dangerously, pulling in on the yellow cones, blocking driveways and not being very safe (everyone is 'busy' and it is not a reasonable excuse). Patience has now run out so we will report every vehicle that is dangerous around a school to The Police and repeat reporting if necessary until actions change. 


Thank you to those in the majority who show awareness, care and consideration for others. 


Have a good weekend


Mr Batstone