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Headteacher update 28th September


We hope you all had a good weekend and managed some rest and routine. Every day is a new adventure so we start again this week.....



We don't normally make a 'big deal' out of attendance because it is often good and sometimes it is more about 'survival' with an element of luck (if you are physically sick then you cannot come to school for 2 days). The average national attendance last week was 88.2% (Herefordshire was above that at just over 92%) and Madley was 98.2% last week (one class had 100%) which is amazing. Great effort from everyone and something to celebrate. Might not be the same every week so lets celebrate while we can ! 



We all know the symptoms by now and it is about 'absolute awareness' and communicating effectively. People have been very sensible so far and we need that same approach if and when either a staff member, child or a member of someone's family tests positive. We operate on 'fact not fiction' and will communicate the correct information and procedures as soon as we can. 


Your communication is vital. 


Forest school and PE kit

Year 4 were 'on message' last week when they went to forest school on Friday - it was extremely chilly but they had the correct layers, gloves and hats so they could take layers off if they were too hot but still had them available when they got colder again. Every class needs the same approach with layers and good warm socks inside wellies. 

PE kit - children are wearing the correct kit, don't forget coverings for studs in ears please. Plain tracksuit bottoms/joggers will be needed as the weather gets colder as some PE will still be outside. 



Wellies are a must for all classes who use the field as it will continue over this term, we also put waterproofs on if it is wet. Our expectations of behaviour are very high and we don't allow play fighting, 'rough and tumble' or physical contact. We never buy into the 'boys will be boys' concept and expect all children to behave responsibly, with care and awareness of others. It works..........


Teacher contact

Teachers are still making their way through their lists of phone calls to 'touch base' with parents/carers. This is important as the normally daily contact is not possible at the moment. Should you need to speak to your child's teacher please phone or e-mail and someone will get back to you. Please remember that they have classes to teach so contact will be made when they are available. 


Classroom temperature

If your child comes home and says they wore their coat in the classroom then they probably did and there is nothing wrong with that. Our heating is not on all day yet and we have to keep windows and doors open as much as possible for ventilation. We are also utilising outdoor spaces much more and being outside when we can. As we move forward into winter some of this will be restricted but your child may want an extra t-shirt under their polo shirt or sweatshirt/hoodie. We won't freeze but we also don't want to be in stuffy, hot classrooms too much. 



All members of staff at Madley (and by staff we mean anyone who works here) are a dedicated, professional team who always cover each others backs and slot into help without hassle or reward. We have had a lot going on in the first few weeks both at school (which runs smoothly but is like a swan gliding through the water whilst frantically paddling underneath) and we also have things happening in our own lives. Mr Ford's 5 year old son broke his leg in the first week of term (at another school) and was laid up in hospital but has now been allowed home, Mr Ford will now be in school full time. As a parent we would all want to be by our child's side when they are going through something so traumatic but Mr Ford still came to work and was always in contact (we had a phone conversation one day at 7 am with me stood by a stream walking the dog and him in his son's hospital room), there are other things happening at the moment for lots of staff but we only communicate with the parents it is relevant to. I trust that people will not gossip and respect staff members privacy, none of the occasions so far have involved any Covid related incidents. 


Another busy week lies ahead as we manage everything in school and keep the learning going. 


Kind regards

Mr Batstone